Answering Services Solutions


Why do I need someone to answer my phone?
In today's business market the need to project a positive, professional image 24 hours a day, seven days a week to your clients is a must. Clients do not want to hear voice mail, bad on hold music, endless ringing or mechanized responses. IPN Messaging Center's operators promptly answer your calls when you are  unavailable. They react to your caller's needs proactively and decisively.

How do I get started?

Simply, by calling IPN Messaging Center at 1-888-583-7722 and experiencing our professional and courteous staff first hand. We are always available, 24/7 to receive your call. If a sale agent is not available when you call we will have someone call you as soon as possible or at the time you desire.

Or you can contact us via email form and a representative will contact you shortly!

How long does it take to set up a new account with IPN Messaging?
Typically, your account can be set up within 24 hours. Some accounts can be setup the same day you contact us. We do our best to meet your needs! Click here to contact us.

How do the operators know how to respond to my customer's questions?
Each account is designed to meet your requirements. We will design a customized screen layout that is unique for your business. Our operators will see the customized screen when a call from your individual number comes in. This enables our operators to ask the right questions and gather the right information
with out delay.

How are shifts staffed?
We staff to keep hold times extremely low and quality high. Our Amtelco Infinity Platform allows us to monitor call volume trends and staff accordingly. Our management staff even uses an in-house weather station to monitor the weather for any event that my cause an increase in call volume.

What kind of training does your staff receive?
Our employees go through a series of tests that measure their level of skills such as typing and reading comprehension. Our Orientation consists of an extensive look into our software and various types of call situations that they would be dealing with. New employees are then paired up with a senior operator for live call training. Learning every account and how their calls should be handled is our utmost priority. Our senior operators go through every aspect of our customer's account making sure they understand our customer's needs and procedures before they begin answering calls on their own.

How do you address client concerns or questions?
We have supervisors available 24/7 to handle any issues immediately.

What will my phone number be?
Use your existing phone numbers and forward them to us or use one of ours. We can provide you with a toll free number and in some areas a local number.

How do I forward my phone?
This is somewhat dependent on your carrier. These are the most commonly used methods:

  • For Standard Call Forwarding dial 72 and # (pound sign) and you will hear a dial tone. Enter in your IPN Messaging Center toll free number.
  • For Prestige Call Forwarding dial
  • *(asterisk) 72 and you will hear a dial tone. Enter in your IPN Messaging Center toll free number.

How do I un-forward phone?
Again, this is somewhat dependant on your carrier. These are the most commonly used methods:

  • For Standard: Dial 73 and # (pound) once.
  • For Prestige: Dial
  • *(asterisk) 73 once.

Can I advertise or distribute my toll free number from IPN?
Absolutely! The more people recognize and use your number the better.

Can I forward a cell phone number to my toll free number?
Yes, so you can attend meetings, have lunch, have family time or even get some sleep! Just check with your service provider for forwarding instructions.

Can I use this service nationwide?
Absolutely, one benefit of using and answering service is the ability to forward calls anytime, from anywhere. Our Amtelco Infinity platform allows us to customize your account by time zone. This eliminates any confusion on when to dispatch your messages. None like to have a good night sleep cut
short because the answering service dispatched the message 2 hours early.