Answering Services Solutions

Customized Solutions

IPN believes in offering clients options when it comes to message delivery. Thus, we, offer messaging delivery solutions that fit any of our customers needs. As part of our answering services and call center solutions we offer the most basic message delivery; such as phone-in delivery or faxing, as well as more complex methods. Messages can be delivered real time via the web giving our customers the ability to access their messages whenever and wherever they choose. For our customers that travel, those in-between clients or patients, or those that are out of the office, we offer SMS (text messaging). Emailing messages gives our customer the flexibility to use modern day technology, yet still having access to the details.

No matter the situation, we believe we have looked ahead and anticipated our clients’ needs. However, we are always open to new alternatives to deliver faster messages and are willing to discuss possible solutions with potential clients.


Receive all of your account activity via email message delivery whenever you want. IPN can preschedule message delivery times to as many email addresses as the client chooses. Messages can be emailed as requested or on demand.


Receive all of your account activity via fax. IPN can preschedule message delivery times to automatically send your messages directly to your office or personal fax machine. Messages can be faxed as requested or on demand.


There are several ways in which IPN call center agents can deliver your messages via telephone. Working from a pre-approved script, IPN agents know whether they should simply take a message from your caller and send it to you (via fax, email, text, etc.) or take a message and proceed to call your on-call list.

If you would prefer to check your messages via telephone on your own schedule, our call center agents can dictate the detailed message they have taken on a secure recording. With a designated account number and password from IPN, you can call in and access the voicemail check in line 24 hours a day. All messages are dictated in real time.

Text Messaging

Receive all requested information via text message delivery to a PDA, mobile phone, or alphanumeric pager. If you have a 2-way device, you can simply reply to clear a call using IPN’s simple reply feature.


Web messaging allows you to access all of your messages online 24/7. You can track any of your messages from the time they are taken until the time they are delivered, and every step in between.

Call Forwarding Options

  • Busy Call Forward
    IPN’s Answering Service Solutions includes a call forwarding option for “busy calls.” This option guarantees your customers will never hear a busy signal when trying to reach you. If all of your phone lines are in use, instead of getting a busy signal, your customers calls will be rolled over to an IPN call center agent.

    This feature is also known as rollover forwarding and permits clients to set the forwarding option to IPN call center agents after a set number of rings.
  • Simple Check Out
    Save time and money! Let IPN know what phone numbers will be forwarded by your business and we will set up the simple checkout call-forwarding feature. Once the call-forwarding feature is enabled, we will then be able to identify calls from your office (not your customers) and present the call to a voicemail instead of a live operator. The pre-recorded greeting will confirm you have successfully forwarded your phone line. This allows you to bypass speaking to an IPN call center agent. Our goal is to help our clients save time and money – checking out faster at the end of the day and ensuring calls are answered faster.
  • Manual Call
    IPN Answering Services Solutions offers clients the option of standard manual call forwarding. After dialing the designated forwarding phone number provided by IPN, you will speak with an IPN agent who will confirm your lines have been successfully forwarded. Whether you have a meeting, stepping out for lunch or leaving the office at the end of the day, IPN’s manual call forwarding feature is available to use 24/7.