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In a world where seconds count, MessageSync® provides hospital physicians, staff and administrators with the ability to send and receive critical messages instantaneously through a single and highly reliable device – the smartphone.

MessageSync® Mobile

Mobile technology continues to advance. As it does, Doctors, medical staff and first responders will rely more on the benefits of a smartphone. Because of this trend, MessageSync has developed an application, which allows critical paged messages to be securely delivered directly to a smartphone. Users will download the MessageSync Mobile App from their respective device store and place a phone call to MessageSync customer service to activate.

Once activation and log in is complete, messages will be securely delivered to the user’s device. Nothing changes about the current method of which pages are sent. There is no need to update phone number records or inform the answering service of any change on how to page the user. Additional benefits include a separate "In Box" for messages, ability to receive messages over cellular or wi-fi networks, eliminate the need to carry multiple devices, the user’s mobile number remains private.


Carry One Device,Secure Encrypted Messaging,Separate "In Box" for Messages,Audit Trail w/Send Del & Read, Distinct Message Notification, Keep Mobile Number Private, Global Coverage via Cell & WiFi,Rapid Message Delivery

MessageSync® Portal

MessageSync Portal is a cloud based messaging platform that ensures reliable secure delivery of critical and time sensitive messages. MessageSync Portal is on-line directory that offers ease of use and simple navigation to streamline communication needs. Utilizing 128 bit SSL encryption keeps information secure. The Portal provides a complete audit trail of all messages including sender, recipient, delivery, read and acknowledgement if available per device.

Portal records will also track all application changes to contacts, scheduling and forwarding. Sending critical messages to individuals and or groups via pagers, cell phones, smartphones, email and other messaging devices is easily done with the Portal. MessageSync Portal can be customized to represent a client’s company’s logo and color scheme and best of all there is no software to purchase, maintain or update.


Online Directory, No Software to Purchase, No Hardware to Purchase, Efficient Messaging Platform, Streamlined Communication, Customizable, Complete Audit Trail, Secure Encrypted Messaging, Scheduling Features

MessageSync® Lite

MessageSync Lite is a messaging service that sends a copy of any message received on the user’s pager to a mobile phone or email. When using MessageSync Lite with the MessageSync Portal, a simple web interface allows the user the ability to schedule all active devices. MessageSync Lite provides rapid message delivery, global coverage using SMS via a cellular network, a log of messages in the email, redundant messaging for assured reliability and keeps the user’s cell number private. The MessageSync Lite Secure option offers the same features as Lite along with secure encryption and password protection for the user’s "In Box."


Keep Mobile Number Private,Rapid Message Delivery,Global Coverage Using SMS via Cell,Message Log in Your Email,Web Interface for Scheduling Devices

MessageSync® FAQ

MessageSync reduces confusion over how best to reach your key personnel. Using existing smartphone technology, MessageSync is a fast, secure and accurate method to send and receive critical messages.

IT support teams can reduce costs and maintenance headaches as fewer devices and coverage plans are required. And, the ability to create closed-loop messaging through read receipts and access to a full audit trail mean that patient safety and staff efficiency remain high. Have a question on MessageSync? Please see some of the more frequently asked questions or email us at with additional questions.